seating and decor

Our lighted benches and ottomans are truly one of a kind.  Nashville Audio Visual is proud to to have 60 of these pieces.  Choose your color of the lights, add a cling, as these are very versatile!

Our Custom seating is very popular.  It can all be fully customized and recovered to match any theme.  People call it “soft seating”, giving your event a more open warm feel.  See some of the pictures below for inspiration.

Bars for your event can also make it even more first class and customized.  We can do anything from a clear lighted bar to a tufted leather bar and everything in between.

We are very proud to be the ONLY company in Nashville that makes our own modern acrylic furniture.  This is a very sleek and modern set of products that are trending daily.

Custom signs are fun and casual.  We begin doing them years ago, they have a fun and casual feel.  Take a look at some of the ideas that our clients have chosen.  They can say anything!