truss systems

Nashville Audio Visual has an extensive truss inventory for rent.  This includes both triangle and box truss, with corner blocks, etc.  Trussing has many uses from signage support, lighting and speaker support and even decor.  Call today for a full inventory.

What is Lighting Truss Made of?

The primary materials most commonly used for stage lighting trusses are global Aluminum and Steel.

Aluminum, because of  its durability, light weight and ease of transport, is the choice for use in concert or stage production.  This allows for a quick and easy setup and strike.

For installations that are permanent such or where high load ratings are required steel truss is the easy choice. No matter what the project, always know the load ratings of your truss and deal with professionals.

Components that make up Lighting Truss.

  • The Chords
  • The Truss Ladder
  • Horizontal Members
  • Chords
  • Diagonal Members
  • Internal Diagonal Members
  • Vertical Members
  • Bolt Plate Connection
  • Forkend, Clevis or Spigot Connection

Common Sizes

Lighting truss comes in sectional lengths that may be connected together to create longer spans or different shapes. These truss structures are used to support lighting, audio and video equipment. The most common truss lengths are 1 foot, 5, 8, 10 and 12 feet. 


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